Mad, Sad World and Richard Cory

Sometimes music can express the plight of the disadvantaged better than any policy paper full of statistics. And certainly wealth is no guarantee of happiness, as this classic song expresses so well: "Riohard Cory," by Simon and Garfunkel, 1966.

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US Is Among Least Bigoted Countries

Returning to America in 2017 after eight years away, I felt pride that at least the United States, unlike so many other countries, is attempting to address serious issues like police brutality, racial injustice, poverty and discrimination based on race, class, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality. In so many other countries of the world, these are taboo topics.... Continue Reading →

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36 Movies About Overcoming Poverty

One of the most powerful movies I have seen about a young woman struggling to overcome abject poverty in America was the 2008 film, "Precious." Here are 35 other films with a theme of overcoming poverty. Have you seen any of them? Which are the best? Can you add to the list?

5 Thought-provoking Films on Inequality and Race

Excerpt from 'We Shall Not Be Moved: 'The Tillary Resettlement Project' "Changes Comes Knocking: The Story of the NC Fund", by Rebecca Cerese and Dr. Steven Channing “FBI-KKK” by Michael Frierson. A preview of the film and details about the film and the filmmaker can be found here. “Family Name,” by Macky Alston. Details and excerpts about the... Continue Reading →

Affordable Housing in US Has Declined Sharply Since 2007

Renters endure a severe housing affordability crisis that will only get worse through 2027, a Harvard study has concluded. "There are simply not enough quality, affordable rental units to house the millions of households paying over half their income in rental costs," the researchers observed. In 2017, about 11 million people are"severely rent burdened," according... Continue Reading →

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