Mad, Sad World and Richard Cory

Sometimes music can express the plight of the disadvantaged better than any policy paper full of statistics. And certainly wealth is no guarantee of happiness, as this classic song expresses so well: "Riohard Cory," by Simon and Garfunkel, 1966.

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US Is Among Least Bigoted Countries

Returning to America in 2017 after eight years away, I felt pride that at least the United States, unlike so many other countries, is attempting to address serious issues like police brutality, racial injustice, poverty and discrimination based on race, class, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality. In so many other countries of the world, these are taboo topics.... Continue Reading →

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‘The First White President’

Conservatives lament identity politics, but the most powerful form of identity politics since 2016 has been Donald Trump's appeals to white resentment of immigrants and racial minorities. "Discomfort with 'the other' fuels 'fear of cultural displacement' among white working-class voters," wrote Eugene Scott in The Washington Post. Chronicling Trump's almost lifelong racist statements and actions,... Continue Reading →

Conservative intellectual Shelby Steele, in his book Shame, makes some valid points lamenting tribalism of the American right as well as left; white paternalism; fear of being perceived and shamed as racist. But he ultimately fails by ignoring important parts of US history, distorting liberalism, and putting his faith in crony capitalists eager to expand corporate... Continue Reading →

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